2 Storey Extension Ideas

2 Storey Extension Ideas
A 2 storey extension gives you the chance to expand your home with more choice. That’s because, with two floors, you can craft two rooms with a distinct purpose for your home. With most extensions, you can create one new room for your living space. But a 2 storey extension is the ideal way to expand your home in more ways than one.
With a 2 storey extension, you can build upwards rather than outwards. That way, you won’t take up any land in your garden to bring more space to your home. Also, if you’ve wanted more room upstairs and downstairs, you can get both in one build. And, with a bespoke 2 storey extension, you can design your new space to fit your home perfectly.A 2 storey extension offers so many possibilities for your home. You can create a unique, open-plan kitchen on one floor, and a guest room on the other. Alternatively, you could expand a bedroom upstairs or build a home office downstairs. The choice is yours in every way, and you can customise the space with unique materials.

No matter what you use a 2 storey extension for, you can be sure it’ll perform for your home as well. Modern extensions use double glazing across their design, robust materials like brickwork that you can colour match to your property, and bespoke windows, doors and roofs that are highly durable. As a result, your new space will be warm enough to save you money on heating.

And, with Conservatory Prices UK, you can save money on your 2 storey extension as well. That’s because you’ll be able to get a competitive price from a trusted local installer in minutes. That way, you’ll spend less money and time on 2 storey extensions!

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2 Storey Extension Design

With a 2 storey extension, you can craft two unique spaces for your home. Because of this, you can expand your home more flexibly, and do it in more ways. For example, you can expand the kitchen or dining area downstairs to give your home an open-plan feel. Upstairs though, you could turn a room into a master bedroom, study space or guesthouse with ease.

No matter what you choose to do, you’ll benefit from the warmth and security of modern extensions. You can choose from an almost endless range of features to make your new room perfect for you. For a new lounge, you could install bi-fold doors that seamlessly open into your garden. Alternatively, tilt and turn windows have inward openings, making them safer and more secure for higher floors.

Each feature you install for your new 2 storey extension will be efficient, too. That means you’ll be getting a space you can use every day without any discomfort. All of the windows, doors and roofs you install will come with double glazing as standard, and they come with a triple glazing option. Along with uPVC, aluminium and robust materials like brickwork and tiles, the whole build keeps you warm.

Because of this, you can save money on your energy bills over time, and even decrease your carbon footprint. Your 2 storey extension will be weatherproof too, meaning it’ll keep performing for your home for decades. That way, you’ll make a valuable investment in your home – one that can raise your home’s value as well!

Best Ways To Use a 2 Storey Extension

There are loads of ways to use a 2 storey extension for your home. For a start, you’ll be able to expand the upper floor of your home. That way, you could invest in a space that makes relaxation and privacy easier. If you enjoy unwinding after a long day, you could invest in a spacious new bathroom with a bathtub, ideal for relaxation.

Alternatively, you could add a new bedroom to your home. If you have a young family, one of these could be great if there’s a planned new addition or you have siblings sharing a space at the moment. Also, if you don’t have kids, you could always turn it into a guesthouse. That way, you can have people over without needing to put a quilt on the couch.

Downstairs, there are even more possibilities. You could change the layout of your living space with a brand-new kitchen diner. A solid brickwork wall is great for mounting appliances like ovens and hobs, while the open space you’ll get is ideal for dining in comfort. As a result, you can create a whole new room for mealtimes with the family.

And, if you value nature, you can always open your home up to it with a 2 storey extension. You can invest in fully glazed doors and expansive windows with slimline frames, letting natural light flood your home. With the option of laminate timber flooring, you can make sure dirt from outside doesn’t collect inside, making cleaning easy. A 2 storey extension, then, is guaranteed to bring your home closer to its full potential.

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2 Storey Side Extension

One downside of some 2 storey extension designs, though, is the land they can take up. While you won’t use as much of it by building upwards rather than outwards, you can still lose part of your garden. However, a smarter way to build a 2 storey extension is to use space you may have forgotten about in your home.

If you have a side return – a walkway around your home into your garden – then you could build a 2 storey extension in the space. That way, you won’t extend your home at all, and you’ll be able to build either new rooms or expand existing ones. Also, you won’t lose access to your garden – you can invest in stunning new doors that open seamlessly at either end. You can customise the build just as much as a regular extension too!

A great way to use a 2 storey side extension is to expand upon rooms you already have. For example, if you have a dining area in your living room, you could build a new kitchen in the additional space. Upstairs, you could also expand your bedroom with more space for wardrobes or a new bed. The choice is yours, with a range of options including floor-to-ceiling glazing.

Also, no matter what you fill this new space with, you won’t have to worry about it. That’s because a modern 2 storey extension will be highly secure for your home. You’ll get tough double glazing with multi-point locking systems, doors with durable shootbolts and hinges, and you can hook up the new room to your home’s security system for added peace of mind.

The Cost of a 2 Storey Extension

One thing that could put you off of a 2 storey extension is the cost. If you’re based in London, a new design could cost upward of £75,000. However, a 2 storey extension makes that investment worthwhile. By getting two rooms instead of one, you’ll be able to expand your home in ways that other extensions can’t compete with.

You can also pay the cost of your investment back over time. A modern 2 storey extension is a thermally efficient design, with materials across the build that offer excellent insulation. As a result, you can stay warm without needing to rely on your central heating as much. That means the cost of your energy bills will come down for years to come.

You’ll also add value to your home in the long run. A 2 storey extension is becoming more and more sought after, thanks to the flexibility and versatility of the design. Because of this, you could attract more buyers for your home should you decide to move on. A 2 storey extension could raise the value of the offers too, helping you move into a brilliant new one.

As a result, a 2 storey extension is a long-lasting investment for your home. But, if you do want to cut the cost of it, there are ways to do that as well. If you don’t live in London, you could choose a local installer in your area who could charge a lot less for the design. The best way to find them is through Conservatory Prices UK!

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2 Storey Extension Prices

A 2 storey extension is an even better investment with Conservatory Prices UK. That’s because, rather than spend time finding a company to complete your build yourself, you can find one in minutes with us. We have a trusted network of local companies across the UK. That way, you can find companies you can trust, and at competitive prices.

Because we work with local companies, you won’t have to pay high travel costs. Not only that, but your waiting times could be shorter, and you’ll get more personalised service. All of the companies we work with can help you with planning permission and technical surveys. They’ll also offer full customisation, helping you build a bespoke space.

If you’d like to get a lower price for your new 2 storey extension, get in touch with us today! You can fill in our online contact form to reach out to our friendly team. From there, they’ll put you in touch with trusted traders in your area, many of whom have accreditation from groups like FENSA and CERTASS. Then, you can negotiate to find the best deal for your home.

For any further advice and information, call Conservatory Prices UK on 0800 124 4307 today!

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