Can Conservatories be Energy Efficient?

energy efficient conservatory

It has been a long-held suspicion that glass conservatories reduce your home’s energy efficiency. Glass is a good conductor of heat, which means that it is bad at keeping it within your home. As a result, you end up spending more on your heating bills during the winter. Since a conservatory is essentially a room made of glass, it’s understandable that many believe there is no such thing as an energy efficient conservatory. However, due to modern innovations in home design, we can safely say here at Conservatory Online Prices that this is not the case! In fact, a modern conservatory installation actually has the potential to increase the energy efficiency of your home!

Double Glazing

Double glazing energy efficient conservatory

Since the introduction of double glazing to the industry, the energy efficiency of homes has increased substantially. As mentioned, glass is a conductor of heat. This allows warmth to escape your home when passing through one pane of glass. However, with double glazing, two panes of glass are used for one window and create a vacuum between them. As there are no particles in a vacuum, there is nothing for the warm energy to attach to as it touches the inner pane. Therefore, there is no way for heat to reach the outer pane of glass, thus keeping the warm air inside. Modern double glazing is one of the ways in which modern conservatories are energy efficient and can increase your home’s thermal performance. Using innovative technology, older homes with windows and doors that leak warmth can retain more heat through a new double glazed conservatory. Subsequently, a home such as this will spend less on their heating bills than they had been before.

uPVC Profiles

Conservatory Prices

Stepping away from the glass, your conservatory’s profile can also increase energy efficiency. The majority of glass conservatories installed today have a uPVC frame. uPVC is one of three of the most popular synthetic building materials globally, and with good reason! uPVC boasts exceptional durability and lifespan for its price and requires very little maintenance over years of use. More importantly, though, uPVC is a non-conductor of heat, meaning that heat does not pass through it easily, if at all. A modern energy efficient conservatory installation with double glazing and a uPVC frame is guaranteed to have exceptionally thermal performance. This high level of insulation reduces your carbon footprint and reduces your energy bills throughout the year.

Premium Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium Conservatories

For homeowners looking for a premium installation, then the aluminium conservatory is the way to go. Aluminium has also long held the reputation of being a poor insulator. However, modern innovations have allowed it to remain one of the most popular building materials today. Aluminium frames these days make use of a thermal break that sits between the aluminium elements. Working much the same way as the vacuum in a double glazed window, the thermal break prevents heat from transferring from one piece of aluminium to another. This prevents global cooling of the whole installation, allowing your energy efficient conservatory to remain warm throughout the year. 

Energy Efficiency with Conservatory Online Prices

Conservatory Online Prices are here to provide you with an honest and open guide for conservatories in the UK. As energy bills are currently on the rise everywhere, we know that our customers want to be assured that their new installation will not cost them more in the long run. With modern innovations, such as double glazing and uPVC frames, conservatories are no longer considered to be thermally inefficient. The modern conservatory has exceptional thermal performance, so you can be assured that your home will not be spending more on energy bills throughout the year. Start your quote with us today and get an accurate price within minutes. Alternatively, use our contact form to send us a message directly and ask us any questions you may have. One of our wonderful team will be back with you as quickly as possible.

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