Conservatory Dining Room

It seems to be everyone’s ideal. A Dining Room Conservatory. We all want one. We imagine sitting with friends, glass of wine in hand, lovely food, easy conversation and a romantic view of the garden with it’s strategically placed lights highlighting favourite plants and trees.

Is it a balmy night with the door to the garden opened wide or a cold January evening with snow gently falling on the glass roof? It hardly matters. You can write your own script, can’t you.

Conservatory Dining Room

Conservatory Dining Room Ideas

The main thing about having a conservatory which is primarily for use as a dining room, is to take care to create the right sort of atmosphere. Fortunately, it doesn’t really  matter which style of conservatory you choose.

You can create the sort of place that will make you and your guests feel at home in any conservatory design from a simple Lean-To or garden room to an ornate Victorian conservatory to  a large grand Edwardian style.

Bright & Airy Conservatory Dining Room

Create a bright and airy atmosphere by the use of cool neutral tones. Keep things simple with a white colour scheme with wooden table and chairs. You can always add warmth with the inclusion of colourful cushions, blinds and even table mats.  The placement of plants and flowers in the corner of your conservatory will lend to the indoor/outdoor atmosphere you wish to achieve.

Bright and Airy Conservatory Dining Room

Sophisticated Conservatory Dining Room

If you are after a more sophisticated room, intended for fine dining and dinner parties, then modern metal furniture teamed with dark chairs will offer a sleek appearance. For lighting you might want to consider something grand such as a chandelier.

Bright & Airy Conservatory Dining Room

Family Conservatory Dining Room

Create a relaxing family conservatory with a mixture of patterns and colours.

Family Conservatory Dining Room


The first thing to remember is to make sure you tell the builder to insulate the floor. This is most easily done by pouring the concrete slab over dense insulating material. Without this, you’ll find it difficult to stay warm in winter.


Now consider the placing of electrical points. That soft romantic atmosphere is pretty elusive if you have to rely on a single overhead light. Carefully located power points will enable you to use lamps to best advantage.


Another area that needs careful thought is flooring. Its tempting to use tiles and try to make something with a Spanish or Italian feel, but this sort of flooring can be cold in winter (even with floor insulation).

Have a look at natural materials such as seagrass, coir or sisal. They wear well, resist fading and create a very nice link between the house carpeting and the garden. They can also be a reasonably inexpensive choice.

Conservatory Doors

The sort of door that you choose to take from the conservatory to the garden is probably not critical to the idea of dining. French doors, a sliding patio door or a lovely bi-fold door will do the job admirably.

Conservatory Doors

Our only piece advice here is that you avoid the temptation to save money by opting for a single leaf door.

You really will regret it. It just doesn’t open the conservatory into the garden.

The roof is the most important consideration, if you want to get year round use out of your dining room conservatory.

The best way to achieve the temperature control that you’ll require is to go for the most thermally efficient glass that you can afford.

Conservatory Online Prices will be happy to put you in touch with two or three vetted Trusted Local Suppliers near you who will be able to offer all of the advice you’ll need to make the wisest choice. You can also ask about blue tinted glass which filters harmful UV rays.

The last, but still very important thing on the shopping list furnishings. Our advice is, have Fun.


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