Front Extension Rules

Front Extension Rules
When you look to install a front extension in your home, there are a few planning rules you have to meet. Much like with any other extension to your home, there are limits on how far, wide and high you can build your new space.
One worry about installing extensions is falling foul of these rules, meaning you could have to apply for planning permission.

Can you extend the front of your house?

Planning permission can be a long process, which makes installing an extension more stressful. However, by following the front extension rules, you can avoid this process and build a room that’s still spacious and bright. That way, you’ll be able to add a gorgeous new area to the front of your home without having to worry.

With a front extension, the rules can be stricter. That’s because front extensions are more likely to extend towards a public highway, which there are stringent regulations on doing.

You might also face slightly different rules if you want to build a front bungalow extension.

However, you can get around this by checking front extension planning permission rules and working with a trusted installer. These experts know how to ensure your build meets the regulations.

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can you extend the front of your house

Building a front extension can be a brilliant decision for your home as well.

You’ll be able to expand your space and enhance your lifestyle, with a space that gives you the possibility of creating a new kitchen, lounge or something else entirely.

By working with Conservatory Prices UK, you can get in touch with a network of suppliers who’ll help you realise your vision, and help you save money on your new front extension too.

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Front Extension Planning Permission Rules

When you install a front extension, you may find that you have to meet more stringent planning permission rules.

While many of them apply to both rear and side extensions, front extension rules are crucial to consider if you want to extend the front of your home. For a start, you should check if your current home has already had an extension, as the rules may be different because of this.

front extension rules

To avoid planning permission, you’ll want to build your new space within ‘permitted development’.

This space refers to the land around your home as it stood on the 1st of July 1948. Because of this, extensions that have happened since then can affect the space you have to work within.

Therefore, you should check with any previous owners before starting work.

Some of the front extension rules that will apply to you include:

  • The size of the extension can be no more than half the land around the ‘original house’ (as it stood on the 1st of July 1948).
  • No extension can be higher than the highest part of your roof.
  • Materials used for the extension should be similar to those of your existing house.

And, perhaps most crucially for installing a front extension:

  • You cannot build an extension under permitted development rules if the extension is nearer to the public highway, either by the front or the side.

As a result, building a front extension within the rules isn’t quite as easy. If your home doesn’t front up to a public highway, then you won’t have to worry about this consideration. However, if it does, you may have to go through the planning permission process. If you’re ready to do this though, you’ll benefit from a stunning new space, and for less when you compare prices through Conservatory Prices UK.

Why Should I Get a Front Extension?

With a front extension, you can welcome guests into your home with style. A front extension allows you to add a new front door to your home, as well as a whole host of other features. A front extension will make the desired answer to the question ‘can you extend the front of your house’ a resounding yes!

When it comes to house extensions, you can customise these spaces with windows, roofing and much more to create an area that suits your needs perfectly.

Installing a new front door can make a lasting impression on anybody that sees your home. You could choose an aluminium door, which has a metallic shine and incredible security, or a composite door that uses a blend of materials. No matter the frame you choose, you’ll benefit from a door that insulates your home and secures it, keeping you and your family warm and safe.

Another benefit of a front extension is that you can create a brand-new social space. As it’ll become the welcoming part of your home, you can open it up with panels and walls of glazing.

That way, you’ll let beautiful natural light fill your new space, making it feel more open and more comfortable. You can add sofas and chairs to create a stunning new lounge that’s perfect for relaxation.

Additionally, building a front extension can give you more room across your home, even if you stay within the rules. If you and your family feel like you’re outgrowing your current space, there’s no need to move to find a new one.

Instead, you can design a brand-new room that suits your needs precisely, and you’ll avoid the hassle of moving. Also, with house prices rising, you can add a front extension for far less.

Is a Front Extension Right for My Home?

Of course, a front extension isn’t the only way you can expand your home. You can add an extension to the side, or the rear, of your property.

However, a front extension may be the right option for you if you don’t have as much room in those areas, or you want to change the entrance to your home.

Wherever you fit an extension, however, you’ll get a gorgeous new addition.

For a start, front extension rules are less easy to meet, because you’ll most likely extend towards a public highway. As a result, you may have to go through the planning permission process.

Also, you will most likely have to consult with your neighbours before starting work. However, you would have to do that to build an extension anywhere around your home.

If your home doesn’t front against the public highway, then building a front extension is perfect for you and easier within the rules.

However, if you are prepared to go through the planning process, then you could have greater flexibility in designing your space. For example, you could seek to add a second storey or a veranda, things otherwise difficult to do under permitted development laws.

Because of this, you could find that you have more control over building a front extension in the rules in this way.

But, if you want to beat front extension permission rules, the ideal thing to do is to work with a trusted local expert.

With Conservatory Prices UK, you’ll be able to get in touch with an installer who can work with you to fit your front extension, making sure you stay in total control of the design.

Front Extension Design Ideas

You can also use a front extension for a wide variety of purposes. As you can customise all of the materials, you could create an open space for socialising or a more private one for work.

You can add brickwork and timber features, as well as composite doors that have durable locking, to create a private home office or study that doesn’t take up as much space.

You can also create space overhead with a high roof, using glazing to open up your home to the clear blue sky.

You could also add a vaulted design, such as a roof lantern, that uses solid roofing with an extended glass centrepiece to provide a dramatic view above.

How Much Does a Front Extension Cost?

You can build a front extension for less than you might think. For a smaller, solid house extension, prices can start from around £14,500.

But the cost can go up considerably depending on the size and scope of your ideas.

If you want to create a bright social space, you could choose to build a glass house extension.

These spaces use glazing within the walls and roofing to bathe the room in light and give you beautiful views of the outside world.

You’ll even get a choice of glazing, including double, triple and even solar options. Prices for these builds can start from around £25,000.

Alternatively, you could build a solid extension that blends in more naturally with your home. That way, it can work as a seamless welcome into your space.

So, can you extend the front of your house for less? With Conservatory Prices UK, the answer is yes! Get a free online quote to find out how much you could save on a front extension that follows the rules in minutes. Our prices also accurately reflect changes in the market caused by COVID-19.

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