Is it Time to Replace the Conservatory Roof?

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Major building projects are always stressful, no matter what they are, especially when it is something that we weren’t exactly planning for. Conservatories are one of the most wonderful home installations for modern homeowners because it connects the outside to the in. However, certain issues can arise over time due to various reasons. Wear and tear, old design methods and materials or even a below-par installation in the first place can cause issues. The conservatory roof is often where these problems are most evident, as the roof will take the brunt of the weather throughout the year. Luckily, replacing the roof alone has the potential to fix a lot of the issues that you might have with your current conservatory without having to rebuild the whole installation. To alleviate some potential concerns you may have, we here at Conservatory Online Prices decided to take some time today to discuss the options available and when to know that it’s time to replace that conservatory roof!

When to know it’s time to replace your conservatory roof.

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There are a whole host of reasons that you may need to replace your conservatory roof. The most obvious one is likely persistent leaks. Leaks cause a host of problems for us as conservatory owners. After all, nobody likes to have cold water dripping onto their head whilst enjoying an afternoon tea! But more than that, consistent leaks, even ones that aren’t particularly noticeable, can cause dampness to build up around the edges of the conservatory where the walls meet the ceiling. This dampness is not only a threat to your health. It also threatens further damage to the rest of the conservatory as a whole, which could result in a whole conservatory replacement. Many leaks can just be patched up with a variety of methods. Still, when leaks pop up with some consistency, it is probably best to start looking into a replacement conservatory roof.

Another potential issue that might arise from an outdated conservatory roof is very low thermal efficiency across the home. Polycarbonate roofs were extremely popular back in the 70s and 80s but have become somewhat outdated in the last few years. This is due to their low thermal performance levels that cause unwanted drafts and heat to escape from the home. This can result in a higher carbon footprint for the home and higher energy bills. As energy costs keep rising and the climate remains at the forefront of government policy, it is good to replace the conservatory roof. You have to get out ahead of the situation.

How to know which roof to replace it with.

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Fortunately, with the advancements in modern home design and conservatory technology, there are more options than ever to upgrade your conservatory roof and replace it with something that performs better and looks better!

The first of these options is the glass conservatory roof. Designed to allow the maximum amount of light into your home, this roof has moved in as the replacement for the traditional polycarbonate roof. With a double glazed glass roof, you can be assured that your new conservatory roof will provide exceptional thermal efficiency whilst still allowing lots of light into the room. You can keep that clear connection to the outside world with a glass conservatory roof. Several glass options are available, from self-cleaning glass to solar glass. Whatever you’re looking for with your replacement glass conservatory roof, there are huge options for modernisation and high-performance levels. 

If you’re looking to modernise your conservatory into something that resembles a house extension more closely, then the solid conservatory roof might be perfect for you. The solid conservatory roof has a partially glazed solid roof with an option for a roof lantern should the homeowner wish to keep maximum light entering the home. The solid conservatory roof provides the home with excellent temperature control, as the roof is made out of the same material that the rest of your house is. This allows for consistency across the home in thermal performance, decreasing your carbon footprint and keeping energy costs down. 

Finally, for homeowners looking to transform their conservatory into a home extension, the tiled conservatory roof is the best option. This conservatory roof replacement allows homeowners to roof their conservatory in a matching pattern to the rest of the home. The drawback of the tiled conservatory roof is that the homeowner will lose a lot of the outdoor light entering from above. However, the thermal efficiency is unmatched, and your conservatory will now be a full-blown extension. The high standard of design and construction that comes with tiled conservatory roofs makes it an excellent choice for homeowners looking to change their conservatory roof into something completely new.

Conservatory roofs from Conservatory Online Prices

Whatever you decide is the best option for you, Conservatory Online Prices provide quotes across all conservatory roof options so you can find the perfect solution for your home. Whether for a complete conservatory roof replacement or a brand new conservatory entirely, we can help you find the ideal option, price and installer. We offer free quotes in minutes with our online pricing tool. Please also feel free to contact us using our online form, and one of our amazing team will get back to you as quickly as possible with an answer to your query. You can be assured that your replacement will not cause you undue stress with Conservatory Online Prices.

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