Side Return Extension Pros and Cons

Side Return Extension Pros and Cons
A side return extension could be an option you haven’t considered for your home. If you’ve been looking to expand it, you might be looking into your garden to find the space. However, by doing that, you’ll end up losing a part of your land, and ending up with a smaller area to enjoy the outdoors.
Also, an extension towards the back of your home almost demands to be a separate room. While that’s brilliant if you’d like a new kitchen-diner, lounge area or even a home office, you might not need all that space. Instead, you’d love to make what you already have just that little bit bigger.With a side return extension, you could solve both problems. These builds utilise the space around your house that you may not use very often – the side return. Instead of leaving it as an underappreciated access point for your garden, you could turn it into a new room for your home, or use it to expand another one.

That way, you can turn your living room into a spacious place for you and your guests, you could create a new kitchen area for cooking, or you could make something else entirely. Also, with full customisation, you can get unique roofing, lighting and doors if you’d like, meaning you don’t lose the access point to your garden.

Also, you’ll still be getting all the benefits of an extension. That means you’ll get full wall insulation, brilliant double glazing, and the option of doors and windows with uPVC or aluminium frames. And, with Conservatory Prices UK, you could get your side return extension for less from trusted local companies!

However, is a side return extension the right choice for your home?

The Pros of a Side Return Extension

Side Return Extension Space Efficiency

So, why choose a side return extension? One reason is that you’ll be able to be smarter with your living space. An extension in your garden sacrifices space, meaning you have less area to enjoy the outdoors. However, many side returns don’t get used, and are often bypassed by homeowners getting into their garden.

If you’re in a similar position, then you’ll be making smarter use of the land. Because of this, you can extend your home effectively, without taking up so much space. Also, the side return extension can enhance a single room in a way that provides impact. For example, you could create a new kitchen to attach to your dining area.

Because of this, the side return extension is often less expensive than a full build. Most of the time, it’ll use fewer parts, reducing the cost and helping you save money. Additionally, you get to control the precise look of your new build. If you’d like a new dining area, a roof lantern is a fabulous addition, while exposed timber can add a rustic quality to your living space.

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Side Return Extension Security

There is nothing more valuable than feeling safe inside your home. Fortunately, a side return extension guarantees both you and your family’s security. A conservatory or orangery can often feel exposed with the amount of glass they use – however, with an extension, you get to decide how open your new room is.

You’ll be able to get solid or tiled roofing to improve your noise insulation, and you can fit your windows with blinds to keep prying eyes from looking into your living space. Additionally, your windows and doors can feature aluminium frames or even triple glazing, which can turn heavy traffic into a gentle hum that doesn’t distract you at home.

However, should an intruder try and enter your home, your side return extension will keep you safe. Your windows and doors will feature leading security hardware, such as multi-point locking systems and durable shootbolts. You can even choose sliding and bi-fold doors that are anti-crowbar, and windows with anti-tamper locks for total protection.

Side Return Extension Efficiency

In your living space, you might feel less comfortable than you should. That could be because the walls don’t have proper insulation, or you have windows with single glazing or timber frames. All of these materials can expose your home to the elements, too, meaning wind and rain could damage your home over time.

However, with a side return extension, you can expand your living space with a new room that stays warm with ease. Your build will come with high-quality walls made from brickwork or slate as standard. Not only that, but your windows, doors and roofing will be fully weatherproof, ready to cope with even the worst conditions.

As a result, you can make your home comfortable again – without having to rely on your central heating. Rather than rush to the radiator, you can keep calm and relax in a warm space that you have control over. That way, you can cut the cost of your energy bills, saving you money for years to come.

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The Cons of a Side Return Extension

Side Return Extension Access

There are a couple of drawbacks to the side return extension. One is the access that you have throughout your home. This problem is two-fold: firstly, your installer will need to be able to find space for parts when they build your space. Secondly, you’ll need to make sure that the new space has a design with new doors that lead into your garden.

If you live in a terraced home that has restricted access, then you may have issues building a side return extension. With less space, you’ll be able to use fewer construction methods, limiting your design possibilities. Also, if you haven’t got space to store parts, you may need to ask for some of your neighbour’s land temporarily during the installation.

However, if you live in a semi-detached home, access shouldn’t be an issue. Not only that, but you can make your side return extension just as accessible as it was before while bringing the land into your home. You could add a new front door on one side to create a new entrance, and invest in unique doors with full glazing sections to lead into your garden.

Side Return Extension Planning Permission

You’ll need to get planning permission to build a side return extension. While the rules are no different, there is one rule you might not be aware of that is crucial for side return builds. When you extend your home at the side, you’re very likely to extend up to a boundary – namely, your neighbour’s wall.

If you plan to do this, then you’ll need a party wall agreement to build your space. Before you build, consult with your neighbour and see if they’re willing for you to extend. Unfortunately, getting a waiver from them may not happen, which could put a significant spanner in your side return extension works.

However, if you get the agreement, you won’t need to follow any unique rules to build your new space. As long as you follow the current guidelines, you’ll meet the regulations. You’re even more likely to follow the rules with a side return extension, as you won’t be extending your home as much. A side return extension, though, helps you use that new space more smartly.

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Installing a Side Return Extension

Installing your side return extension could be a pro or a con. That’s because it usually depends on the people you work with. No extension is better than the people who install it, and so finding the right company for your build is crucial. But it can be tricky and time-consuming to search for an installation team yourself.

Too often, local traders try and find tricks to fool you into taking terrible deals for underperforming extensions. But if you go with a big national brand, you might end up paying even more to cover their premiums and travel time. As a result, installing your side return extension could easily become pricey and stressful.

But when you get a side return extension through Conservatory Prices UK, you can install your new space calmly, and in complete control of the cost. We don’t offer our own side return extensions, but we can point you in the direction of the people who do. We’ve created a network over the years of local companies across the UK who offer trusted installation services for extensions.

When you get in touch with them through us, you’ll find companies who offer low prices for leading quality. Not only that, but many of them are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders, meaning you can get a side return extension with people you trust, every time!

Side Return Extension Prices

If you feel a side return extension is right for your home today, then get in contact with Conservatory Prices UK!

You can fill out our online contact form in minutes to get a quote from us for your new extension. Then, we can refer you to our network of local extension installers, and you can speak to several of them from your area.

That way, you can negotiate the best possible offer. Additionally, they’ll take you through planning permission, and help you create a bespoke build, all as part of your quote!

To find out more, give our friendly team a call on 0800 124 4307 today.

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