uPVC vs Aluminium Conservatories

Are uPVC or aluminium conservatories right for your home? Both could be if you’re looking to expand your home. Not only that, but they could be the best way to update an old space. Older builds might use timber or plastic profiles, which could fade quickly over time and struggle in poor weather conditions. As a result, the performance of the build could decline quickly.

However, that’s not the only issue with older conservatories. For example, the design might have single-glazed glass around it. With only one layer of glass in your windows or your roof, you don’t get a lot of protection from the sun. As a result, your space can suffer from glare and the greenhouse effect, making it uncomfortable.

With a new conservatory, though, you’ll expand your home without these drawbacks. You’ll get double glazing across the build, offering better insulation and lighting control. You can also choose unique doors, roofs, flooring, and more to create a stylish room that meets your needs. But, perhaps most importantly, your conservatory will have a durable build.

Instead of timber or plastic, you can get uPVC or aluminium profiles in modern conservatories. That means you’ll get a build that’s stronger, safer and lasts for longer. Both materials are fully weatherproof, too, meaning that wind and rain won’t cause any damage. That way, you can use your conservatory in comfort for decades to come.

But are uPVC or aluminium conservatories the better option? With Conservatory Prices UK, you can get quotes for both from trusted local installers. That way, you can compare their designs and compare offers to help you get the best deal for the right conservatory. We make expanding your home with the right company a process that takes minutes, rather than days!

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uPVC or Aluminium Conservatories?

So, are uPVC or aluminium conservatories the better option? It depends on what you value most when it comes to expanding your home. If you’re looking for a brilliant blend of quality with value, then uPVC is a superb choice. That’s because the material is affordable while being efficient, helping you save money on your build and on your energy bills in the long run too.

uPVC is weatherproof as well. Because of this, the material won’t crack, twist, fade, decay or warp in even the worst weather conditions. uPVC barely even scratches, meaning all you’ll have to do to keep it looking its best for 30 years is to wipe it with a damp cloth. You won’t need to repaint it either, helping you invest in unique colours with confidence!

Aluminium conservatories, though, offer better performance for your home. That’s because aluminium is a precious metal, giving it superb inherent strength. Aluminium can resist heavier impacts than uPVC, meaning it’s a more secure option for your home. Not only that, but it has a metallic sheen that makes your space shine in the sunlight.

Because the material is denser, aluminium conservatories can also help you save more money on your energy bills. Not only will you keep warm in winter, but you can keep cool in the summer too. That’s because aluminium profiles have thermal breaks, allowing for warm air to escape. That way, you’ll be comfortable all year round. Aluminium conservatories, though, are more expensive than uPVC ones.

Thermal Efficiency

Aluminium conservatories are more thermally efficient than uPVC. That’s because the material is denser, giving you better insulation from the cold. Not only that, but some aluminium profiles have thermal breaks, helping you cool your space down on hot summer days. That way, you’ll be able to relax in your room without relying on your radiators to stay warm and comfortable.

uPVC conservatories can still improve your insulation, though, as they use the same double glazing as aluminium designs. The double glazing itself works to capture more of your home’s natural heat, helping you save more energy. Also, uPVC is fully recyclable, making it a sustainable investment for your home!



With uPVC conservatories, you’ll also be able to make your home safer. Not only is the material durable, but the profiles will help to protect internal security hardware. If you get a conservatory with uPVC doors, the design will feature multi-point locking systems, anti-tamper locks and more. The uPVC will protect the hardware from wind and rain, ensuring it continues to function.

When it comes to your home’s security, though, aluminium conservatories are a cut above. Not only do they feature the same hardware, but the profiles are also much stronger. Aluminium is exceptionally durable too. Because of this, it’s impact-resistant, protecting you against any intruder.



The British weather can be tough to predict. But uPVC and aluminium conservatories make it less of a worry. That’s because both designs are fully weatherproof, ensuring wind and rain doesn’t cause any issues. But, while aluminium is a weatherproof material, it can scratch over time. Because of this, it can be more difficult to clean at times.

As a result, uPVC conservatories might be the better option here. While uPVC isn’t as tough as aluminium, it’s less likely to scratch. That way, you won’t have to worry as much about cleaning your frames, as they’ll continue to look their best in all conditions. Aluminium conservatories, though, have a metallic sheen that uPVC can’t match.



Finally, aluminium conservatories are more durable than uPVC. While uPVC builds can perform for up to 30 years, aluminium outstrips it. That’s because it’s a metal, giving it more inherent strength and durability. You could make the aluminium frames in your build last for up to 50 years, and that’s without regular maintenance too. Neither uPVC nor aluminium need repainting or revarnishing, or even regular cleaning.

You’ll only have to wipe down the frames sometimes to clear dirt or debris that sticks onto them over time. Because of this, you can spend much less time worrying about your new room. Instead, you’ll spend that time enjoying a warm, comfortable new space whether you choose uPVC or aluminium.



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uPVC vs Aluminium Conservatories Cost

The one major benefit of uPVC over aluminium conservatories, though, is the cost. That’s because an aluminium design could cost around 20% more than uPVC. For example, a full build Victorian conservatory with uPVC frames can start at around £11,000 for your home. With aluminium frames, this could rise to around £13,200.

That’s a considerable rise in the price. If you want a bigger build for your home with aluminium, then the cost will continue to rise even more. Because of this, uPVC conservatories are a better option if you’re on a budget. You’ll still get a high-quality new space for your home that’s efficient, weatherproof and secure, and customised to your needs as well.

But, if you can afford it, aluminium conservatories could provide better value for money. Although they do cost more, you could outweigh this with better performance. Aluminium is much stronger than uPVC, meaning you’ll get invaluable peace of mind in your home. And, with the increased insulation, you could cut the cost of your energy bills much further!

Also, you’ll be able to save money for a lot longer with aluminium conservatories. Because the material is more durable, your build will have a longer lifespan, helping you cut the cost of your bills for decades longer than you could with a uPVC design. That means you could end up paying the cost of your investment back over time!


Save Money on uPVC and Aluminium Conservatories

Whether you’re interested in uPVC or aluminium conservatories, it can be hard to get a good deal on both. If you search for companies by yourself, you never quite find the right one. That’s because the big brands charge high prices, while the little local brands might look to scam you. But, with Conservatory Prices UK, it takes minutes to find installers that do both.

When you search for uPVC and aluminium conservatories with us, you can get quotes from trusted local suppliers near you. That means you’ll get lower prices and shorter wait times, without the risk of working with rogue traders. You can also speak to several of these suppliers to compare their offers, helping you get a better deal.

With these companies, you can also get more personalised service. They’ll allow you to customise your conservatory to suit you, with unique styles, glazing, doors and roofing, You can even fit your uPVC and aluminium frames with bespoke colours and finishes to suit your home’s style. Many of these companies are also Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders for your peace of mind.

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uPVC vs Aluminium Conservatories Prices

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