Wooden Extension on Brick House Style Guide

Wooden Extension on Brick House Style Guide
A wooden extension could look superb on a brick house. That’s because, although both materials bring a traditional quality, they have a unique contrast that stands out. That way, you can draw attention to a brand-new room while complementing the rest of them. And, with the option to customise your wooden extension fully, you could go in any direction with the design.
A modern wooden extension is a step up on older versions. With a design from the past, you could get timber profiles that broke up and cracked in wind and rain, causing poor insulation and structural problems. However, today’s wooden extensions use more durable species of timber. Not only that, but they feature robust hardware.Because of this, you can style your wooden extension in millions of ways. You could go for a fully traditional design, with a tiled roof, roof cornices and windows with Georgian bars. Alternatively, you could use timber in a more modern space, pairing it with bi-fold doors or a roof lantern. Also, you can choose unique shades for the timber, or cladding to protect it from harm.

A wooden extension, though, looks even better close to a brick house. You can choose to contrast the timber and brickwork or colour match the wood to your existing property. Thanks to the modern hardware inside your design, you won’t feel the difference in performance between the spaces either.

But how do you get a wooden extension on a brick house for lower prices? With Conservatory Online Prices, of course! Not only can you find local installers to complete the build, but you can work with them to customise it fully! That way, you’re in total control over the style and budget of your home’s new space.

Installing a Wooden Extension on a Brick House

A wooden extension might not be the first thing that goes on a brick house in your head. However, the unique contrast between them creates a striking impact. The authentic timber in your new extension will bounce off against the brickwork in your home. That way, you’ll make a classic design appear sleek, elegant and modern.

Not only that, installing a wooden extension is more simple than you might think. While traditional wooden designs could take a while to manufacture by hand, modern builds take less time than brickwork ones to install. You can achieve the weathertight stage (where your build doesn’t let in wind and rain) in days, rather than weeks.

Many timber extensions are ‘stick build’ as well. That means your joiners will make up the timber frame on-site, rather than in a factory. Because of this, your wooden extension will have a handcrafted quality that stands out on a brick house. However, you won’t have to wait weeks for the careful, intricate look.

As a result, one of the benefits of building a wooden extension is reduced labour costs. You won’t have to rely on the weather to install as much, as your build will be weathertight more quickly. That means you can continue fitting even in poor conditions, making the build schedule more predictable. With lower labour costs, then, you could make a more affordable investment.

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Wooden Extension on Brick House Planning Permission

There are some rules on the wooden extension you can build on your brick house, though. As with other extensions, you’ll need to meet planning permission regulations to expand your living space. However, you won’t need to factor in any additional rules when building a wooden extension on a brick house.

The materials you use won’t affect the regulations at all. As a result, you could build a wooden extension under ‘permitted development’ rules. By doing this, you’ll be able to build without applying for permission, reducing the time it takes and the stress it causes. With a local installer, you can work to design your space around the rules before you fit it, too!

If you want to extend your home towards a boundary, though, the rules can be tighter on wooden extensions. With the wooden panels in the design, you can customise them with a unique finish. Options include classic timber, stone or reconstituted stone, metal cladding, or even facing brick and brick slips that blend in with your property.

However, if you build towards a boundary, you’ll need to make sure the finish is non-combustible. Also, it has to provide one hour’s fire resistance to meet the rules. However, if you work with your installer on designing your wooden extension, you can be sure you’ll get around the regulations on extending your brick house.

Designing a Wooden Extension on a Brick House

With a wooden extension on a brick house, you’ll have endless design possibilities. That’s because, with any extension, you can create a bespoke build to suit you. You might want a brand-new room, the chance to expand a current one or to completely change the look and feel of your home. Either way, a wooden extension could be the answer.

For example, you might live in a terraced brick house with not a lot of surrounding land. However, you could build a wooden side return extension, which looks stunning mounted on a brick house. That way, you could turn the walkway around your home into an expansion of a kitchen or living space. Also, you can add new doors to transform the entrance to your garden.

Alternatively, your home might have a corner shape. Within that corner, there could be land that you don’t otherwise use. If that’s the case, you could install a wooden extension to fit snugly in the space, fitting into your brick house seamlessly. You can also choose cladding or brick slips to match the timber more closely to your home’s look.

And, if you’d like to make an even bolder investment in your home, why not consider a two-storey wooden extension? That way, you could expand two areas of your home in one build, potentially transforming a bedroom or bathroom. While you’ll need to apply for planning permission, this stunning addition makes it more than worthwhile.

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Customising a Wooden Extension on a Brick House

With a wooden extension, you won’t have to settle for one design either. Instead, you can tailor it specifically to your home and your needs. While customising the external finish is one thing, you can add unique features to the inside of the build too. With these features, you can make your new space warmer, brighter and bolder for your home.

For example, you could transform the way you enter your garden with stunning doors. You could choose sliding doors that both connect to the outside world and your home, with a full panel of double glazing letting natural light into each space. Alternatively, bi-fold doors open on an in-line slider and fold away into the corner of the room, perfect for extending to a patio or decking.

You could also customise the roof of your wooden extension to better fit on a brick house. A solid or tiled roof is an ideal fit, with sleek designs that blend in with any home. You can style your new roof with unique colours to match your property, or you could add a skylight or roof lantern to make it seem like the roof isn’t there at all.

Additionally, some features can make daily life in your extension more comfortable and more convenient. You could get a roof with internal lighting, exposed solid walls for kitchen appliances, and timber laminate flooring that’s easy to clean up. No matter what you choose, you’ll get superb performance for your home too, meaning you can use your extension every day with ease.

Saving Money on a Wooden Extension on a Brick House

How do you invest in a wooden extension on your brick house for less? A lot of it depends on who you get the build from. While a national brand could offer a quality design, they’ll charge much higher prices for it. And, while local companies charge less, it’s hard to know which ones to trust. Searching on your own can take weeks, and you could end up working with a rogue trader.

But, when you choose a wooden extension through the Conservatory Prices UK network, you can install it on your brick house without hassle. That’s because you’ll be working with trusted local installers in your area. You’ll get lower travel costs, shorter waiting times, more personalised service and better prices too!

All you have to do is get in touch with Conservatory Prices UK today! From there, our friendly team can put you in contact with the companies in our trusted network nearest to you. You don’t have to pick one straight away, either. Instead, you’ll get to speak to several suppliers, comparing their prices and designs to find the right deal for you.

Many of the companies we work with also have approval from leading bodies, such as FENSA and CERTASS. That way, you can make a more reliable investment in a wooden extension to fit on your brick house.

Use our online contact form to get in touch with Conservatory Prices UK, or call our friendly team on 0800 124 4307 today!

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