Orangery Costs and Prices

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Orangery Prices

How Much Does An Orangery Cost?

How much does a fully fitted Orangery cost? Price will be dependent on size, material and style of windows and doors.

The average Orangery can cost up to £22,000. This price may be double that that of a conservatory, however an Orangery is built more like an extension bringing you more functionality and home value.

Orangeries are made from brick making them much more substantial, giving you greater privacy and energy efficiency.

The foundations and installation expenses can make up to half of the overall cost – and for good reason. It’s very important to ensure you have a quality, solid base and structure.

Fully Fitted Orangery Cost

There are many factors which can affect your overall Orangery price. These include size and location, planning permission and design.

When choosing where to place your Orangery, your installer will be able to advise you on costs and which location is within budget.

For example, installing an Orangery onto the back and side of the home is very common but if you are limited in space or have an awkward area, then you may have to consider access which may or may not affect your overall cost.

Orangeries in London

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Orangery Design

Do you want to feature a lot of glazing or would you prefer brickwork? There are many design options which can affect the cost of an Orangery.

Have a budget in mind? There is no guarantee that you will get your exact price.

When building an Orangery an unexpected delay can occur which can slow down installation and incur more costs i.e. ground conditions or if you require deeper foundations.

Trusted Orangery Installers

We can put you in touch with a fully accredited Orangery installer in London. All companies offer high-quality products, a reliable service and free, no obligation quotes.

Orangeries in London

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